Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dog Paddling

I have been wanting to see if I can get Winnie on the kayak with me. You might remember the exercise on the lawn using the clicker that went pretty well. I did a float trip on my own today, and Sandy picked me up at the take out point. I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to try Winnie on the kayak!

We used the boat ramp at Brunswick because it's on the C&O Canal, nice and shallow, no mud and very little current. First step: see if she'll get in at the ramp. So far, so good!

Nice and easy...atta girl...

Sandy and I were both surprised to get this far, but she was doing great!

Well, pushing her around on a kayak is no fun. Time to see if we can both try it!

Winnie: "You're not doing what I think you're doing, are you?"

Winnie planning her escape route.

Hey, look at us! QUICKTAKEAPICTURE!!!

Ed: "I can't believe this is working."
Sandy: "I can't believe this is working."

Winnie: "What's that??"

"I think I can reach it!"

(There is a scene missing here, when Winnie went overboard. Head first, because her ass end was still in the boat. I watched her go under, then when she came up I grabbed her collar and helped her back onto the boat. A few important things here - when she was in the water, her reaction was to come back to the boat, rather than to shore. I wondered if this would be the case. Secondly, by putting my left leg off the left side of the boat, I was able to drag her while she climbed onto the right side of the boat without tipping. I wondered about this too, and was very pleased to get her in the boat without getting a bath.)

Back in business! Note only one of us is wet here.

Well this little test run just could not have gone better! What a good girl!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh that was worth waiting for!!! Great Job Winnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and Ed)...nice pictures Sandy!! When she gets more used to it that is going to be so much fun for both of you! These wires are so much fun!!!

Peg said...

what a wonderful thing you two have,a good splash overboard never hurt anyone and you handled it like a pro.
some times a plan does come together!
great pictures Sandy, what were you doing as the girl left the boat and Ed was getting her back on-probalby a little anxious moment?

hwvizsla said...

oh my god...shes so awesome. I'll bet in no time at all you two will be spending hours paddling away. That is very cool!

Ed. said...

Peg, Sandy was surprised to not get a picture of The Incident. As for the reason, I think instead of anxiety, the culprit is most likely laughter.

Anonymous said...

That's great! I took Luna (my HV)in a Canoe when she was little, and she took to it very well. She was probably only a couple months old. She went back and forth from side to side to watch me paddling. Makes me wonder how she would do in a kayak, have a feeling she would like to go in after things too. I would of course have to learn how to paddle a kayak before adding her to the mix, wish I could find a cheap one.
Enjoy, keep us posted on kayak outings.

nell said...

How much fun! Looks like you and Winnie have a new way to pass the time. nell

Dexter said...


Looks like she was quite happy and enjoying it... hmmm.. wonder if you could fit two vizzies on there?!

Adam said...

This splashy photo essay made my day - Go Winnie! Yay Ed! Phoenix has recently become addicted to swimming; she gets a total adrenaline rush from going slightly out of her depth and floating a way before swimming back and going nuts running around!