Monday, February 22, 2010

Wirehaired Vizsla on the Last Frontier!

Thanks to Vickie, owner of the lucky and beautiful Zsofi (Zöldmáli Ancsa) for sharing these really cool photos! Life in Alaska for a Wirehaired Vizsla is quite a bit different than it is here in Virginia, despite the snow cover here!

I sure do love those Zöldmáli dogs!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Quite a life she has in Alaska! One place I'd like to visit someday. Thanks for sharing! Guess your walking trail must be too deep in snow to walk now huh??

Ed. said...

Indeed it is still too deep, but it's melting fast. I think we're down to a foot or so in most places.

I look at that picture with the moose and wonder if this is a dog who might be terrified of a mixer, like some dogs I know.

I'm thinking No.

Vickie Brown said...

What's a mixer?

Ed. said...

A kitchen mixer, like a hand blender type thing. A small appliance that makes a noise that Winnie is terrified of! Winnie would not do well in rugged country. She's afraid of stuff.