Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diesel and Beer.

What if you and your neighbors spent five days plowing a mile of private road to finally get to the main roads, and then woke up to find a quarter mile of five foot drifts between you and freedom?

That's what we're dealing with here. Tomorrow another long, hard day of moving snow begins, and I'm not sure we won't need at least one more day after that to break through.

Before the latest wave of snow my next door neighbor and I left trucks at the end of our road. Today I hand shoveled a path wide enough for an ATV to get from our road to the adjacent road, so now at least we can access our truck to restock on food and the two things we've been going through most quickly - diesel and beer.


Peg said...

not a very fun way to get your exercise-i bet you have shed a few lbs by now-or are you bulking up for the next day of shoveling with the favorite snacks---beer, pizza, beer, chips ,beer and then some beer?

middle8farm said...

At least you have the priorities straight!