Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Cowbell!

Slow news day, so just some random thoughts...

Deer rifle season currently, so I haven't taken my deer-colored dog for any romps through the woods lately. I did, however, take her on a nice ATV run the other day that went very well. It's weird, I've not done this more than a couple times, but if she's outside in the driveway and I start the ATV, she starts jogging. I follow her up to the end of the drive, blow the whistle and she turns around and jogs back while I follow her. About 15 m.p.h. for roughly a mile. That's a nice chunk of exercise that can be fit in during the tiny block of daylight between when I get home from work and it gets dark. I should do it more often. It's like she knows that's what she has to do. Hell, I might just have to start the thing, maybe she'll jog out to the end of the road and come back on her own. Maybe I should get her an ipod.

I'm really looking forward to meeting Jena's new pup Emmett! Looks like that might happen Thursday morning. If the current plan holds, he'll even spend an hour or so with me at my office, where Jena's husband will come up from Charlottesville to get him. Everyone there is excited to see him too!

Not sure when I'll get out again to do bird work. This coming weekend we have guests, so maybe over Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I have indoor work we can be doing. We got distracted and haven't finished up our beer retrieval exercise, and with the holidays coming up, that will be increasingly valuable!

Stay tuned for pictures of Emmett!


Anonymous said...

What a nice picture of Winnie!! (does she ever take a bad one..??!! LOL) That ATV run sounds like something I need...I'll be over, and Winnie and I can jog together!! Emmetts sibling will be living in MA near (couple hours) me...I am hoping to see her when she gets to her new home!In a few days I won't be able to say I have the only HWV in MA!!

Matt said...

I'm thinking Winnie needs to be driving the ATV and, um, someone else needs to be running!

Ed. said...

Winnie will have a bad hair day from time to time, but she does not allow herself to be photographed in such a state.

Matt, I promise, first time she calls the ATV, she gets the ATV!

Anonymous said...

Love it.. wish I had an ATV.. I'm finding that is one of the easiest ways to exercise them. My breeder has used them.. when I visit and we go to run them, I have to actually be on the ATV or she won't go. even with 5 others leading the pack.. ah well.. Yours looks like a very fine hairs WHV.. but I haven't seen many.. almost seems like a really short haired long hair.. ever seen a long hair? I was almost able to get one.. darn landlord never got back to us about having 2 dogs so we had to let her go to another home..
Anyway, enjoyed the blog, shall return.