Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little off leash play

Tonight I was putting stuff away in the garage and I let Winnie and Finn into the garage to 'help.' The door was open and I let them wander out to the driveway and continually called them back in. Finn stayed nice and close, so then I let him follow me around the back of the house while I rode the ATV back there to put it away. Again, nice and close, then we found a couple tennis balls that had rolled off the deck above so I picked them up and started playing fetch, each time calling him excitedly back to me. It all went really well so instead of pushing my luck I ended on a positive note and just went back to the garage and then put them into the yard. So it was a nice off leash exercise, although I think he never even realized he was off leash!

Not the most earth shattering blog post I know, but we have a lot of space here and I'm excited at the prospect of having both the dogs out with me while I'm working in the yard or just walking around.

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Melissa Ott said...

Oh how I can relate to this post! It is nice to be able to walk outside for a very short period of time and have your vizsla stick with you. Our Delilah is VERY good at sticking close. Rocket does good most of the time -- SQUIRREL!!! {I hear you laughing!}