Saturday, April 24, 2010

Low Lows. High Highs.

Dragging your dog to the vet can be a traumatic experience! (Okay in Winnie's case it was less traumatic than it looks - I caught her here in a yawn.) But make no mistake, she does NOT like it. Never had a bad experience at the vet either, I think she just hates the smell of the place.

Anyway, she usually rides in the back. But after putting her through the poking and prodding at the vet I thought she'd enjoy riding shotgun.

We can never know for certain what a dog is thinking, of course. But I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I'm forgiven.


Andy said...

Are you really forgiven or is she just ignoring you, Ed? Ever notice how dogs hate it when you blow air in their face but they'll stick their head out the window at 60 MPH and be lovin' life?

lucyanddaniel said...

winnie is gorgeous. I have a Vizsla boy and we went to a viz whiz in new forest at the weekend and saw some wirehaired viz there and we loved them! May I ask where you got winnie from?

Ed. said...

Lucy, thank you! Winnie came from Seraphim Kennels in Illinois, USA. Home of the #1 and #2 UKC Wirehaired Vizslas in the U.S.!