Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Matter of Etiquette

She does this all the time, leaves three kernels of food in her bowl. Sandy, of course, thinks she is odd. But I've found plenty of etiquette guides like this one that say "it is polite to leave some food on your plate." So, I'm going with that.


hwvizsla said...

of course...and just how do you think she keeps her slim girly figure? by not being a pig and cleaning up her plate!thats how.

Jena said...

Emmett consistently does the same thing, usually leaving 2-10 pieces of kibble. If I don't pick it up immediately he'll sometimes come back and seem excited that maybe I've put something more in his bowl. Crazy dogs!

Matt said...

Funny! Jager is a free feeder so his bowl always has fod in it, but he will not eat unless someone is in the same room with him. So worried he's going to miss something!
We are bringing him by the way, so he and Winnie can play!
See you soon!