Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obedience time...

Maybe it's her age (9 1/2 months), maybe it's that while I was concentrating on moving I have done very little training, probably it's both of these things. But Winnie is testing me regularly on her basic commands. Stay and Here are all but ignored unless I first prove that they will be enforced.

So this weekend we will start going back to basics with some obedience work. Praise, treats, a little bit of everything. I'll try to get her excited about the work and see if we can make some progress and snap us both out of the current pattern: her ignoring, me repeating, her ignoring, me yelling.


Anonymous said...

the pups have hit thier teenage stage-to bad I couldn't crate my kids when they hit this time in our lives!

Ed. said...

So she's a teenager now? Well that explains it!