Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chip off the old block...

I sent this picture of Finn to his breeder, Carolyn at Vidor. She returned the favor by sending me this picture (below) of Finn's mom, Lenke. Two great looking dogs, don't you think??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big couple of days for Finn...

Finn and I spent a couple of days at Rose River Farm with my friend Douglas and his Spinone, Enzo. It was a great time all around, but the highlight would certainly have to be Finn's first bird! He had never been introduced to birds before today, and he did great. I'm so proud of him!

But the hunting wasn't the only great thing about our visit. This was the first time I truly let him, with confidence, off leash to run great distances. Enzo showed him the ropes and they had a blast together!

Yesterday was so bitterly cold and windy, if it was like that today there was no chance we were hunting. But we went out at dawn to check things out and it was pretty pleasant out, compared to yesterday.

Douglas is at the other end of the check cord - I didn't want Finn to run over the bird before he even smelled it. He eased into it nicely though, and froze over it. I took a shot with my camera, then flushed the bird and shot it again - this time with my 16 gauge!

What a happy sight. I'm so proud of my boy!